Xbox Diet Program with Super Thin XBox Micro Mod!

Amazing! I’ve always hold the ‘bulky’ perspective when looking at the first generation of Xbox console. However, that kind of thought has been erased when a cool moder Bandit5317 created the super slim micro sized Xbox!



It looks like mother and baby standing together although it’s the same system. The Bandit5317 has our past time favorite Xbox console on a diet. I wonder how much weight has the bulky Xbox thrown away?


The case is made of 1/8″ Thick (3mm) polycarbonate and consists of 4 panels. 3 of the panels were held together with epoxy and plastic welder to form the base. The top panel is supported by 4 posts which it screws into. All the panels were made with the usual tools, so it doesn’t quite have that laser-cut precision, but I think it came out alright.

Guess how long did Bandit5317 took to build this Xbox micro mod? It’s 6 months, man! 6 MONTHS! I would have fled from the project if it is me. :)

The system has 320GB of laptop HDD (2.5-inch) 200W PSU and the version 14 motherboard. You can have a deeper look at Xbox-Scene Forum.

(via gizmodo)

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