iHome iHMP5 are Headphones and Portable Speakers Combo

iHome iHMP5 is a double-duty gadget that you can use it as headphones or turn it into a portable speakers in just a flip away. In the speakers mode, you will need to insert two pieces of AAA batteries for sound boost. But it’s not necessary to have batteries installed when you are in the headphone mode.



Built-In Amplifier Turns Personal Headphones Into Portable Speakers

RAHWAY, N.J., August 18, 2009 – Up until now, personal headphones meant an isolated experience, and for subway rides, visiting in-laws and plane trips, that’s a welcomed relief. But what happens when you want to turn a personal reverie into a portable party? That solution is now here as iHome, a leading supplier of innovative iPod/iPhone speaker solutions, today introduced the iHMP5 2-in-1 Stereo Speaker / Headphone System. The first, over-the-ear headphone offering from iHome, the iHMP5 is unique among other headphones as it is fitted with an inline pre-amp that when activated can fill a room with stereo sound.

“At iHome, we continue to drive innovation throughout our product line by imagining new interpretations of product categories and applying creative design options to make them a reality,” said Evan Stein, vice president of Marketing, iHome. “Our iHMP5 is a perfect example of this as we completely change the way people view headphones by allowing them to turn it into a portable speaker system.”

The iHMP5 allows users to configure the unit in two ways: as a personal set of headphone to listen to music privately, or as a speaker system to share the fun with friends. Available in three fashionable colors, the iHMP5 is outfitted with a lightweight, adjustable headband and full 360-degree padding on the ear-cups for noise isolation, making the private listening experience both comfortable and clear. However, for those times when sharing is a must, consumers can simply activate the battery powered amplifier and the stereo sound is there for everyone.

The iHMP5 is currently available for purchase at The Apple Online Store and on ihomeaudio.com for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

(Amazon: $59.99 via Engadget)

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