Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive with Self-Termination Feature

Similar to IronKey Flash Drive, this personal pocket safe USB drive has a built-in self-destruct feature when it detect some type of hacking attempted. The flash drive has a physical pin code input method instead of software input.




This personal pocket safe USB drive features 256bit encryption technology, and it comes with online backup software to automatically synchronize data between your flash drive and the online storage when you plugged into an internet-ready PC. Pretty smart and you won’t lose so many data if you happen to lost the USB drive.

If you are interested, the Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive will be available soon for £59.99 about $99 from Thumbs Up UK.

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  • Daniel Kantsky

    Looking at this device, I find that the volume is pre-formatted, which means that the AES encryption key was pre-set at the factory. This makes me wonder if the factory keeps a copy, or if all devices have the same AES encryption key?

    Also, since the PIN can only be 5 numbers long, there are only 625 possible different PINs/Passwords. Since the device doesn’t really prevent brute force password guessing (it adds a delay after several bad attempts), you are 100% guaranteed to be able to guess the password within about 2 days of trying by hand.

    The manufacturer doesn’t publish any details of how the encryption works, or anything about key management. They are made in China by an unnamed OEM manufacturer.

    Makes me suspicious that’s for sure.

  • This is a great device for transporting sensitive information with peace of mind. And it will self-destruct if it falls into the hands of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. by mistake.

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