Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Looks like a Fat Cell Phone

Amazing! Razer has a new cool gaming mouse coded as ‘NAGA’ where if I translated into our language, it’s a ‘DRAGON’!


From the first sight, I thought this Razer gaming mouse has a double function as a cell phone because I can see a neatly arranged numeric buttons at the left side, but I was wrong. Razer Naga mouse is a gaming mouse designed exclusively for MMO gamers, where they can ‘enhance their ability to control their character’ with the provided 17 MMO optimized buttons.

Do you hear me? It’s 17 customizable buttons for your games! Even better than SteelSeries 15-buttons mouse.



Here are the full specifications for Razer Naga Mouse:

  • 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time
  • 200 inches per second max tracking speed
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet
  • 17 MMO-optimized buttons (including 12 button thumb grid)
  • Optional MMO-specific software AddOns
  • Unlimited character profiles with AddOns
  • Approximate size:  116L x 69W x 41.6H (in mm)


According to CrunchGear, Razer Naga Mouse will be available soon with the price tag of $79.99. Let’s hope someone would like to write a review of it when it has become available.

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  • That’s a very cool design and for sure a lot of gamers will avail of this mouse especially now that they’ll be playing not only world of warcraft but also Aion online. And what’s good about this mouse is, it is customizable.

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