Samsung Dual LCD Digital Cameras: ST225 and ST220

Samsung has the most brilliant camera design for the era! They’ve included a front LCD display so you have a better self-portrait posture and not guessing blindly how’s your face before snapping it into the camera. This is the latest digital camera coded as ST225 and ST220, the two model that get the front-LCD treatment.


The front facing LCD display measure in 1.5-inch only, but it’s enough to let you see what’s the lens focus on.
To activate the display, you only need to gently tapping and it will turn into the self-portrait mode to snap your smiling face (yep, it has a smile detector, too).

At the rear side, you will find a wide 3.5-inch touchscreen display with haptic effect. The screen size is limited to ST225 model only. The Samsung ST220 have slightly smaller screen of 3-inch, but it has a thinner dimension.

The best feature of this camera is the thoughtful application of ST225 front LCD. It can play a cute and short clips of cartoon animation to suck children attentions. Most of children usually has less attention to the camera, so with this kind of feature hopefully we can get a better snaps of them with less efforts.

(Source: GearDiary)

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