Modern Doctor’s Tool: 3M Littman Electronic Stethoscope

I should agree that stethoscope is the very classic doctor’s tool that has remained unchanged since long time ago, not until 3M Littman introduced this revolutionary Stethoscope that has fully changed the fact. The classic stethoscope has been upgraded and it’s now equipped with Bluetooth!


So, what’s the use of the bluetooth in a stethoscope? The function of the bluetooth in 3M Littman Electronic stethoscope is probably to transmit data to PC because the stethoscope is also equipped with heart and lung sounds recorder. The data then will be processed by health software such as Zargis Sthethassist to analyze the health condition from the beating patterns.

With this 3M Littman Electronics Stethoscope, doctor can listen ever clearer because it’s also equipped with noise cancellation and soung augmenting. What a wonderful tool, and doctor can get it for as cheap as $379. I guess most doctor would love to get one and the price tag won’t be their burden to improve their quality.


(via UberGizmo, SlipperyBrick and NewLaunches)

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