PS3 Motion Controller: Releases in Spring 2010 – Sony Confirmed

Interesting! After hitting down the price of PS3 with their Slim Edition, Sony has confirmed that in Spring 2010, they will launch their PS3 Motion Controller, which has been big surprises at E3.


This is the only thing I’ve waited for until now (after watching the cool movie at the E3), and it’s also one of the reasons for me to not get a PS3 yet. :)

The motion controller is proven to be more sensitive, Wii-like but we are served with much better graphics. Although it still has a controller to hold (unlike Microsoft’s Natal) I agree with Sony that playing games still need to push buttons. The only thing to wait for now is the pricing. If the device has a reasonable price, the launching day will be the day I get mine. 😉

(via UberGizmo)

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