Sony Walkman S540 Series VMP

The Giant electronic company Sony has released new MP3 player dubbed as Sony Walkman S540. Well, unlike the old ‘Walkman’ perspectives (where you can hear to music only), Sony want us to call this S540 as a VMP or Video MP3 Player because it can also play various kind of video formats.


According to the press release, this Walkman S540 Series is Sony’s first walkman to pair up with stereo speakers and 2.4-inch LCD in just 10.22mm form factor. The shape looks similar to a slider phone, but no cell phone functionality found there. According to Sony, this walkman can tune music to your ears for 42 hours continuously until you deaf via earbuds, or 17 hours via the built-in speaker, but you can only use it for 6.5 hours to watch video at 320 x 240 resolution.


The other good additional feature it has is the built-in FM radio, and the capability to record radio broadcasts directly into the walkman’s storage. Pretty cool, but up to date there is no news on how large the space is(see below).


Oh, did I mention Sony Walkman S540 also comes in variety of colors? It has Black, Pink, Red and even Violet. Pretty nice, but still no news when it will hit America.

UPDATE: this Sony walkman S540 will be available next month in two different sizes and pricing (8GB for $110 and 16GB for $130).

Press Release via Geeky-gadgets, TCMagazine)

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