Sony Daily Edition Reader with 3G is trying to crush Amazon Kindle

Sony has just released the 3G ebook reader entitled with ‘Reader Daily Edition’, which is the third new e-book reader in this year after Sony Readers PRS-300 and PRS-600.


Sony Reader Daily Edition has a good 7-inch touchscreen display, and unlike Amazon whisper limited network, it has a free connection through AT&T using the 3G network. Sony Reader Daily Edition is intended fyr newspapers reading, but you can use it to read any kind of book with convenient two full pages side-by-side reading.


Sony Reader Daily edition also using the e-paper technology as the way to display text and images. The reason is simple, e-paper display are both nice on eyes and the reader can have a long lasting battery life on a single charge.

This Sony Reader Daily Edition ships in December for $399.

(via Electronista and TechCrunch)

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