Japanese Classic Handheld Fan with Built-in USB Flash Drive

Presented by Japanese gadget importer, GeekStuff4U.com has made a cool Japanese handheld fan with built-in USB flash drive available for worldwide market. The USB flash drive has a good 16GB storage capacity and a good Japanese drawing art on the fan when you open it up.


This pure Japanese Style Device features 16GB of memory. In a shape of typical Sensu (or Hand-Held Fan), this hand made USB Memory (16GB) is made of Bamboo, Wood as well as Cotton and received 5 Layers of lacquer


The only thing that may discourage you to get one is the way to connect the flash drive to your PC or laptop. Because of the Memory stick is on the tip of the big fan, you’ll have to use extra cable to connect your PC with the flash drive up. Fail to do that might break the memory card or your PC USB port because the handheld fan is pretty heavy.

If you want to get one, it could set you back at ¥ 27,500.00 or equal to USD $293. Oops…


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