Qualcomm FLO TV PTV (Personal Television)

There is a new type of television introduced by Qualcomm called FLO TV PTV or Personal Television but there is no word yet when this kind of TV will be available for the current market. It’s seem interesting because Qualcomm FLO TV is sized in an iPhone dimension and it will allow you to watch TV anywhere you like via Qualcomm terrestrial digital TV service.


Recently, gdgt managed to get the detail of this future Television which I’ve made it into a list for easy reading:

  • No 3G network coverage but using Qualcomm’s own terrestrail digital TV service to receive signal
  • The device has touchscreen capacity and gesture based interaction
  • 4GB internal memory built-in, but no news if it can be expanded or not
  • Can also play music stored in the built-in memory
  • Battery life can sustain 300 hours standby mode, 15 hours music or 5 hours video/watch TV

(More: GadgetVenue, Gdgt, SlashGear)

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