Sirius XM SkyDock for iPhone 3GS

Sirius XM latest gadget entitled as XM SkyDock is capable of turning your iPhone or iPod into a satellite radio receiver without active internet connection require. This is such a nice treat for you who love to listen to a radio while driving. Sirius XM SkyDock has a built-in FM transmitter which capable to transmit music directly to your car’s stereo using the new ‘PowerConnect’ technology.


Audio is beamed to the car through an FM transmitter or a bundled aux-in cable depending on the built-in audio system. A magnetic mount is an option and cradles the iPhone or iPod in either a vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) mode.

Sirius XM SkyDock pulls power from cigarette socket and no extra power source is required. It will also charge your iPhone when in use, pretty a double-duty peripheral for iPhone. It will hit the store later in the year for $120 + $13 monthly subscription fee.

(via Dvice)

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  • Jennifer

    There is a DVD movie out about the whole Sirius XM/Mel K. story called: Stock Shock. Very good flick and explains stock market manipulation as well. Stock Shock is at and

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