The Eraser Brush – a Brilliant Combination


Let me ask you a question, what is the most annoying thing when using eraser? If you love to draw a lot, I’m sure your desk will filled with lots of dirty rubbings, and most of the time you’ll have to use your hand as a ‘sweeper’ to get them out of your sight. That’s the most annoying thing when using eraser (at least for me!).

Well, there is a better solution for you, so you can free your hand from the rubbings and live a hygiene life. Guys at Present & Correct has design a brilliant combination between eraser and brush, which then popped out as one of their product entitled as ‘The Eraser Brush’.

A genius idea if ever we saw one! In one end of the solid wooden block is a pencil eraser, and in the other a natural hair brush for sweeping away all of the rubbings. Simple, unbranded and utilitarian. Every household needs one!

I’m just hoping the eraser is replaceable so no need to buy another one with it has run out. It’s cool, and looks great for designer/cartoon artists. If you want to get one, it’s only £7.00 about $11.50.

(via Like Cool)

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