Vodafone Intros 14.4 Megabit mobile broadband


If you are an Internet savvy who love to browse the web using netbook or portable device, be cherish on this news. Vodafone has made the 14.4 Megabit mobile broadband service available nationalwide and they are going to make UK telco as the first provider to offers this extraordinary package.

Damn! I’m really jealous of you guys who live in that part of work. While we are still struggling at the speed of 512Kbps, you’ve already got the chance to taste the exicting mobile broadband at 14.4 Megabit! That’s 28 times faster than what I’m using at now in Indonesia. :)

Vodafone says that London, Birmingham and Liverpool will be the first major cities to enjoy the connection. But guys at UberGizmo said that 14.4Mbps is a peak rate. So what you will get is probably much lower than that with typical speeds range from 1-4 Mbps only.

(via UberGizmo)

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