Sphere of Links – August, 30th 2009 [Compact]

Okay, here is the ‘quick Sphere of Links version that has been undergoing a weight-loss program. :)

Well, we’re kind of running out of time lately so this week Sphere of links will be in the compact mode, which has no images comes along the link. Well, let’s check out what’s cool that we have missed this week:

Steam-powered Car Speed Record Broken After 100 Years @Wired

Storm London’s Camden Watch With Touch Screen @TechFresh

Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1 Smartbook @Geeky Gadgets

Old Giant Cell Phone Modded into a Working PC @Craziest Gadgets

Hercules Dualpix HD720p high-def webcam @Winarco

gScreen Dual Screen Spacebook @GadgetVenue

The LG GD910 Watch Phone @coated

Nokia N900 SmartPhone – Mobile Internet Tablet @TheCoolGadgets

Rumor: Apple May Be Working on XL Tablets Running Full Mac OS X @Gizmodo

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?: Banana Phone @Geekologie

iPort IW-2 Series Marries Your Walls to an iPod Dock @ChipChick

Supercars: Porsche launches 2010 911 GT3 RS @GadgetLite

TV Alarm Clock looks cute @CoolestGadgets

Sony Alpha a850 Full Frame DSLR @iTechNews

$300 for an electric kettle – It’s not my cup of tea! @CoolBuzz

All aboard the Pirate Bay, again. @Gaj-It

DIY LED Tube Light @HackedGadgets

Cat Ears Headphones @RGS

EyeWriter allows you to draw with your eyes @TechChee

Xbox 360 Price Changes – Down and Up! @Zath

HandMan Light Concept @2DayBlog

Future-Escher robo-hands @Crunchgear

dad finds new use for cd-rom tray: baby rocker @TechNaBob

Bento Box Lunches @LikeCool

This Unidentified Flying Object Is More Like an Identified Stationary Lamp @NerdApproved

Mini Arcade Cabinets Perfect For Your Non-Active-Duty G.I. Joes @OhGizmo

Samsung B3310 launches next month @Pocket-lint

Progress Bar Clock Concept @Walyou

Elecom Gets Stupid With Direct Plug-in SSDs @uberreview

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