Artistic ‘Sole’ Radiator – a Sun Duplicate in your Room

Check out this cool Sole Radiator which is designed exclusively for you who’s afraid of cold or winter season. The Radiator will be mounted on the wall, in the shape of shining sun including the rays which you will often get in on Children drawing.


But not to be a children toy, this Timeless ‘Sole’ Radiator has the mystical and aesthetics touches when mounted on your wall. Especially good if you can provide a color matching paint like the example above.

Now it’s depend on your own need, the Sole Radiatot comes in three different choices starting from a full sun (Sole), half sun as a full (solé) and half sun (Mezzo Sole). The basic material of Sole Radiator is steel, and you can ask TheRadiatorCompany to colorize it to your mood. The only thing that might discourage you is the pricing. The Sole (full Sun) will cost you as much as $6,995 while the Mezzo Sole will still cost your $2,210. Well, if you have a piles of money to burn (Spend), go ahead to the official site for the customization.

[Product Page via BornRich]

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