Super USB Mobilephone Charger: The 10-Tentacles Octopus!

super-usb-mobilephone-chargerDoesn’t mean to be childish, but this new gadget from USBFever looks like a rare species of 10-tentacles octopus! It’s actually a Mobile phone charger kit via USB port. There are up to 10 different connection tips so you can use it to charge almost all of cell phones available in the market, including iPod and iPhone.

The only downside for this Super USB mobilephone charger is you can’t make it as a data cable for all cell phones except iPhone. So you can use it to charge and fill the juice of Nokia, Samsung, or LG phone but can’t use it to sync your data. And another downside is that you can only charge one gadget at a time. But overall, this is a good stuff for you who travel a lot and have bunch of gadgets to take care of. The final price is about $13 (US$9.99 + Shipping).

(via everythingUSB)

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