BucketVAC: Turn 5 Gallon Bucket into Vacuum Cleaner – In a Snap!

This might be an old stuff but it certainly still has it own freshness when attached to another brand name. I’ve seen one in Taiwan last few years and it did turn any type of 5 Gallon Bucket into a Vacuum Cleaner in a second of works. This time, BucketVAC from Speedclean comes with the exact functionality, but it also comes with extra features.


The BucketVAC vacuum cleaner features:

  • Fits most 5 gallon buckets
  • Unique design locks into place with bucket handle
  • Commercial grade serviceable motor
  • 2” diameter hose means less clogging
  • Fill multiple buckets quickly and easily
  • Compact size saves space
  • Removable filter allows wet or dry pick-up

So what’s cool on this BucketVAC? The cool points that I’ve found so far are is the ability to turn any 5 gallon bucket into a wet or dry vacuum cleaner. Obviously useful and the compact size will allow you to store it virtually anywhere you could find. Whether it’s your kitchen, car, closet, small warehouse, or garden. And this gadget should become a good substitution for your home vacuum cleaner. However, it does share the same cable limitation disadvantage. It’s not self powered yet so you’ve to make sure there is a power outlet for the device to plug in.

BucketVAC vacuum cleaner will be available on Q4 2009, no pricing detail yet.

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