Keyscaper 510 – Personalized Printed Keyboards for Mac and PC

If you want to have an uncommon keyboard to flourish your desktop, check out Keyscaper 510 personalized Printed Keyboards with some cool graphic and images/artwork.


This one is just one of many (about 50 or more) design that I find interesting. Well, perhaps because I’m pretty a fans of Garfield, the keyboard design looks phenomenal to me. :)

The cutom printed keyscaper keyboard will cost you $40 only and Keyscaper also offers custom printed mouse too (for a $29 only). The beauty of keyscaper keyboard is the printing involves no external coated or stickers/wraps so the result will be durable to last long. But I might have to stress one one fact that even my laptop alphabetic print won’t stand long for one year. So perhaps you should expect for about 1 year of durability if you are a hardcore typist.


“In a time where self-expression is prized, we wanted to help people bring something personal to their desktop. The best thing about Keyscapers is that they become conversation starters. It’s fun to share your passions with co-workers, family members, and classmates. Having your favorite school, flag, or cartoon on your desk gets people asking questions about what you love.”
by Keyscaper creator, Guy Newcomer

[Source: KeyScaper via Winarco, SlipperyBrick, I4U]

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