Recycled Fischer Turntable Wall Clock

An Etsy merchant named pixelthis has a cool creation selling on etsy inventory (out of stock now!). pixelthis has created a cool clock out of a recycled Fischer turntable + Doobie Brother album, Minute by Minute and the album is replaceable to your need.


It’s absolutely a handmade product, and you the wall clock is powered by Quartz clock with 1 AA battery to make the clock tick. pixelthis open the price at the level or $89, perhaps it’s too cheap so this handmade recycled Fischer turntable clock has been sold out! :)

Well, it’s not really cheap actually. Perhaps pixelthis only made a limited number of them. So it’s normal to be sold out quick in the geek market. Let’s hope pixelthis will restock the stuff so for you who love the creation can own one too.

[via Etsy]


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