Steering Wheel Table – In-Car Multi-Purpose Table

steering-wheel-tableThis Steering Wheel table, perhaps it is not the best idea for use while driving (because it’s impossible!). However, it might be a good idea if you are going out traveling with friends, and planning to have dinner while on the road where no shady zone other than inside your car.

This steering wheel table is easy to install, and you can use it for many type of purposes such as a portable dining table, writing table, or you can even write your blog post with your netbook while on the go! How sweet! :)


Introducing the AutoExec WM-01 Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk Tray – Gray – , featured in our Other Vehicle Parts department. This product generally ships within 2 business day(s) from Pinellas Park, Florida, and weighs 2 pound(s). Attaches to your steering wheel for easy access to a writing and drink storage surface. The Go Office Wheel Mate Steering Wheel Desk is flat for writing and perfect for lunch or a snack. This Go Office Wheel Mate Steering Wheel Desk stores neatly in your car when used with the larger Auto Exec Laptop Car Desk. For safety reasons, never use this product while driving.


Currently, Amazon has this Steering Wheel Desk and it’s getting a good discount rate of 33%. The listed price is at $36.99, minus by the discount of $12.04 turning the gadget to be about $24.95 only.

Here is the prove:


But if you think you are keen enough, perhaps you can handmade it by yourself using a piece of wood and the above example. That would be the most efficient way! 😉

[Amazon via RGS]

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