Toshiba JournE Tablet PC


Entitled as the ‘Ultimate Home media Tablet’, Toshiba JournE mini-Tablet PC is designed by those user who sit comfortably on their couch in the living room. The 7-inch JournE Touch is an underpowered tablet (according to Gizmodo) that is only suitable for light web browsing, watching Youtube, browsing pictures on Picasa or Flickr and simple IM with friends.

The Table PC is powered by ARM processor and running under Windows CE, it has Nvidia Tegra but no idea how is the performance on this underpowered table. It will set you down for €249 (equal to $350) which I thought I would buy a PS3 Slim instead. :) Well, It’s way too expensive for a mere tablet with minimum features for living room viewer.

[via CrunchGear]

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