Buddy Desk – Another Car’s Steering Wheel Table

Here is another cool gadget which will be your best on-the-go companion. I’ve seen one before, the name is Steering Wheel Table with two hooks that you can hook to your steering wheel to get one solid desk for your laptop or food. However, this new similar desk which they called the ‘buddy desk’ is different.


Invented by Bud Crouch, this Buddy Desk is having a long and narrow part which you have to jack it into your steering wheel like the example on the above picture. If I have to say, Buddy desk has a better endurance to weight than the previous Steering wheel table. It doesn’t have to ‘cling’ on the wheel, but it use the car wheel as the holder so it can hold heavier stuff on the surface. Depend on the car type, the surface might get a little shaky if it can’t find a flat space in the bottom portion of the steering wheel to hold the narrow part of the board.



Buddy Desk is yours for only $19, you can also get the clear model for $29 or splash your own creativity (Logo Design) with more price to pay.

[Product Page via LikeCool]

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