Panasonic Viera V10 NeoPDP Plasma HDTV

So, Panasonic has launched another two new sizes of Viera V10 NeoPDP Plasma HDTV. What’s special in these model anyway? It’s the screen size, and the thickness If I’m not wrong. Viera V10 NeoPDP Plasma HDTV getting a good 58-inch (TX-P58V10E) and 65-inch (TX-P65V10E) large screen panel, both to have a little 2-inch thick only and they also comes with built-in digital TV tuner.


These Panasonic HDTV also features 1080p Full HD panel, 40,000:1 contrast ratio, 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 600Hz Sub-field Drive, Digital Cinema Color, VIERA Link and VIERA Image Viewer. The 58-inch model selling for $2,397 (find lowest) and 65-inch model for $3,999.5 (find lowest). It’s available now and you can use our Shopping channel to hunt for the best price.

[via Panasonic] – There is an instant $200 saving deal now.


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