ASUS to releases World’s Cheapest Digital Reader with Dual Screen

asus-digital-media-readerIt seems the dream of Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop is going to come true as ASUS is planning to launch one. However, instead of a laptop, ASUS want it to be the coolest and cheapest digital reader where you can use it for browsing and reading ebook in full color manner.

The Digital Reader will have dual touchscreen displays and foldable spine which allow you to fold it and use the digital media reader as a tablet PC. The most surprising fact is, the price will remain low at just £100 a pop, which will eventually shake up the ebook world and challenging the current digital reader market.

If this ASUS Digital reader happen to hit the market in this Christmas, I guess Kindle and other ebook reader will have to move aside. But don’t forget about TechCrunch’s CrunchPad which also has the similar functionalities. However, I assume ASUS will have an easy fight if the price mark is really below £100.

[via TimesOnline]

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