Hot-T Wand: The Magic Wand to Heat your Tea [Concept]

Hot-T Wand, designed by Minimal Inc., is a concept for heating your cold beverage. According to the designer, this Hot-T Wand is pretty a clever water heater because it will release its hotness when the built-in Water sensor detected liquid subject being submerged into the wand.


Pretty cool, and I guess the heating time would be fastest than any other cup warmer you can find (except the Heat Me Stirrer) because it come in direct contact with the water.


The Hot-T will also get an extra long life thanks to the Ultracapacitor energy storage technology, and you wouldn’t hurt yourself because the sensor is clever enough to differ your hand’s sweat and water.

Again, it’s a concept design. So I don’t have the idea where to grab one. 😉

[via YankoDesign]

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