Scratch-n-scroll Mouse-Pad: Resurrect the Dying Breed

scratch-n-scroll-mouse-padMouse Pad is one of the growing old PC accessory and it seems to get less and less attention when laser mouse started to raid the market. To prevent the mouse pad from dying, lots of creative minds has created a mashup which can double up its value.

If you remember, you may have read the Multifunctional mousepad from yesteryear.

For this year, Mouse pad is getting a refresh again by the idea of adding a ‘Etch a Sketch’ (children doodling utensil) to the surface so you can make quick notes while using your mouse.

There are two options to make a note on the surface. Use your fingertips or use the provided plastic stylus located at the right low corner to make your note. The line that you drew on the surface will stay visible until you erase them. Notice that the Scratch-n-Scroll is the Etch A Sketch drawing board. So this gadget also has its own ‘magic slate’ to erase the drawing/text. Just a simple flip up the semi-transparent top sheet and the notes will disappear.



The Scratch-n-Scroll is selling for $9.49 at Quirky. Definitely not an expensive stuff to get one.

[via ChipChick]

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