Spider Phoebe Computer WorkStation Sure Looks Odd

Designed by ZuoGuang Wu for Limitless, this computer workstation have the looking of a Dinosaurs from the sideways, while in the 3D perspective you will witness one giant purple Tarantula without the hairy legs and skin.


The idea is like this, the top most Three legs will be the place to rest your head, while the other three legs at the lowest part are adjustable to your needs. Inside is a metal frame, covered entirely with fire retardant foam and France Lilivere fabric. Bringing the whole computing experience into a comfy, chubby environment where you can work on your project while lying relax on the ‘couch’. Well, can I consider Spider Phoebe as a couch/lounge? Hell yes!

[More on the PDF at RinkeDesign]

P.S. It’s a concept design, so don’t ask me when and where you can get this Spidy Lounge posing in your home. 😉

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