LEGO Star Wars Chess Board and Chess Pieces

If you are one of our older reader, you will notice that we would hardly to miss any of new Lego stuffs. Well, perhaps we are kinda of big fan on Lego. :)

So here is another cool stuff made of LEGO, and it’s something that will flirt up your chess battleground. The Star Wars Lego invasion has arrived at the chess board market, raiding the ground with the soldier form dark side and white side and the lightsabers holders as the Kings of the board.


LEGO Star Wars chess is made by Brandon Griffith, a Hollywood’s Lego fan who has transform the cold black and white battleground into a furious laser beaming and lightsabers zapping wars.



Since 1999, Lego has released over 100 different Star Wars Mini figures. To give Star Wars Lego justice, I decided to build three different Chess sets, one for each original episode. This is the first of the series. Star Wars: A New Hope Lego Chess.

My goals with the individual chess pieces is to:
1. Is durable enough to play the game with.
2. Present a piece that closely represents a scene form the movie. My favorites are “Obi-wan and the tractor beam” & “Greedo”

The chess board:
1. Built strong enough to carry with out breaking
2. The playing area easily removes from the rest of the board to reveal compartments to store the pieces.
3. The detailing on the side on the board utilizes a lot of SNOT (Studs Not On Tops) techniques. This a technique that came out of the Adult Lego community.

Other Facts:
1. The chess board is built on a base of layered Lego plates.
2. Weighs 25lbs.
3. the Minifigs were the most expensive part on the chess set.

[via coolbuzz and makezine]
[image courtesy: Brandongriffith Flickr Gallery]

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