Sony Playstation 4 with Transparent Touch Panel [Concept]

While PS3 slim still on the peak of its popularity, some designer has foretold what’s coming next in the 4th series of Playstation. The following is the concept design for the next gen Sony PS4 or Playstation 4 that is fully equipped with cool transparent touchscreen panel that could serves up colorful icons/images, and even the disc cover can show you the game content. Pretty awesome.


It’s sounds too good to be true, but no one can guess what’s coming next in the technology field. Perhaps in 2 years or so, such a touchscreen display would be invented by some super smart nerds and geeks.



This concept is built by Tai Chiem. Reported that he is also the designer of what he called Xbox 720, which is the next gen gaming console for Microsoft.

Notice the controller of this design of PS4 is still ‘conventional’. Why conventional? Because in Spring 2010, the motion controller would be released to the public offering more enjoyable gameplay systems. So perhaps in the future, such an ‘inactive’ controller would be slowly fade away and going all Wii-like or Natal-like.

[via GearFuse]

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