Apple iPod Nano 5G: Now with Camera and FM Tuner

The latest Apple iPod Nano or what we’ve known as the Nano 5G has made lots of fans feeling blue of its nothing new design and specification. But for us, the iPod Nano 5G is interesting because of its built-in Camera with FM radio tuning capability.


iPod Nano 5G is now capable of recording video using its non HD camera. The captured video is stored in H.264 format and up to 30fps together with AAC audio format.

This 5th version is really all about the video features because beside the built-in camera, you will also get up to 15 real-time video special effects which including X-Ray, Sepia, Cyborg, Kaleido, Twirl and so on.


We can consider iPod Nano 5G as the World’s smallest digital camcorder, that could record more than 16 hours of video. This alone is an exciting feature for video blogger or Youtube fans.


There is no measurement distinction, pretty identical to the iPod nano 4G. But it does have a better and brilliant polished anodized aluminum finish comes in nine tasty colors. The iPod Nano 5G 8GB version is priced at $149 and 16GB at $179.

[via PMPToday]

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