Price Drop for Apple iPod

iPod Nano 4th Generation

I’m always a fans of Price Drop news. So this Apple iPod price change is not something I would like to miss! Apple is dropping their iPod Touch and Nano to a significant level, especially for iPod Touch. There is a whopping $120 dropped on the 32GB iPod touch. Detail below:

  • 32GB iPod touch – From $399 to $279
  • 16GB iPod touch – From $299 to $249
  • 8GB iPod touch – From $229 to $189
  • 16GB iPod nano – From $199 to $149
  • 8GB iPod nano – From $149 to $129

The price dropping happened in Apple’s big “Rock n’ Roll” event, which probably a move to warehouse cleaning deal for their fans and their preparation to welcoming more new stuffs such as the iPod Nano 5G or iPod Touch 3G.

[More at ZDnet]

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