USB Mosquito Repellent with Ultrasonic Wave

Agree with Mike at Coated, this USB mosquito Repellent is the physically Antivirus protection for us (not for PC anymore) which will act as the Malaria infection guard because it can chase away or even kill the mosquitoes around the reach using its ultrasonic frequencies.


It emits no harmful poison so pretty safe for most of people. But if you are the sensitive type that could sense ultrasonic frequencies, guess this USB mosquito repellent will also make your day difficult. But that’s a rare case, the range of the ultrasonic frequency is 1.5 square meters. So inside this range you are in-protection by the antivirus shield.

The get yourself protected, you can buy this USB mosquito repellent for $5.69 from UXsight. Don’t worry, there is no need to do a regular ‘Live Update’ for the virus definition.

[via Coated]

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