Xbox 1080: Where Xbox 360 and Zune Mix Together [Concept]

Dreaming of the portable Xbox 360 that comes fully equipped with multimedia supports similar to Zune? If you have such a dream, you may share the same perspectives with Carl Archambeault, a designer who recently created the Xbox 1080 which is the Xbox 360 and Zune combo in a portable manner. Check out his brilliant idea below:


The idea is to allow gamers to bring their powerful Xbox 360 on their pocket because Xbox 1080 is a portable gaming system similar to PSP, and it will do most of the tasks including gaming, music and video entertainment. Notice there are three buttons lying on the middle of the controller. That’s for easy access to the features.


The specialty of Xbox 1080 is the retractable screen, which you can virtually hide it inside the device when not in use. Featuring two analog sticks, one D-pad, and the usual 4-buttons for many purposes. It also have got 4 more buttons for multimedia playback and other purposes. If this kind of console ever available, I guess it can make a killing in the market. Great works, Carl! 😉

[More: Coroflot via XboxFreedom, CrunchGear, CG and Technabob]

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  • G-man

    Replace that clunky keyboard with multi-purpose keys, make it candybar-shaped with a flip screen and do your best to lower the weight and size, then you’d have the perfect handheld gaming system.

  • Justin

    I’m not seeing the left and right triggers/bumpers, both of which are required for just about every Xbox 360 game. It would never sell without those. Also, the pad itself seems kind of large, which would make it very difficult to play games on. The left joystick placement is also reversed with the D-pad. Any true Xbox 360 fan would never buy this because of that. I like the fact that you thought of this, but in its current state, you should just stick with the Zune (or better yet iPod) and leave the gaming to Microsoft.

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