Colorware Treatment for Your PS3 Slim Console

It seems Colorware is expanding their reach even further and they are now trying to colorize even more popular stuffs that sit on the top rank of the most wanted gadget. After successfully colorizing Amazon Kindle 2, iPhone 3G S and BlackBerry Tour Smartphone, now they have hovered their hand onto the coolest gaming gadget ever – the PS3!


The only downside I could see is price that will cost the usual $150 after you send them your machine (or buy with them altogether). You can actually airbrush yourself if you’ve got that skills. But if you don’t, $150 can pretty much clear the hassles.

Pretty cool though, it’s pretty like a case mod on-the-fly by paying money and get other to get the job done. So if you haven’t got an PS3 console lying on your entertainment room + you are one of the color freak, you can get the Colorized version by Colorware for $449 ($299 + $150).

P.S. You can also add color to the existing Dual Shock Controller for $30 each. Not a cheap stuff but it’s a must if you care about the harmony.

[Colorware via Technabob and ChipChick]

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