Energy Aware Clock Concept Looks Extremely Cool for Geek and Modern Home

There have been some cool energy usage detectors in our database, such as the Wattson Energy Tracker and Beverly Ng Energy Tracker, but none of them are as cool as this Energy Aware Clock concept that will visually show you how much power is being drawn on the specific hours using the spark-like circular chart.


It looks cool because you can see on what time you are using energy at the peak level. This could help you identify what are you doing at that time and figuring out which electronic is causing the peak. Can you decrease the load, or perhaps switching to a more energy efficient alternative?


It visually interesting because it looks geeky. The tracker is housed in a House-shape black box and you could see the minimum clock guideline so you can actually use it as your home clock.

But if you have to see it in the ergonomic perspective, the shape is pretty bulky. If they can get it flatting to the wall then it’s better. Or the concept should integrated some kind of slim form factor design so it can be as thin as it could to help homeowner mount it anywhere they want.

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