Toshiba Intros 160GB 1.8-inch Single Platter Hard Drive

Up to date, the smallest hard drive in the market is available in 1.8-inch size and have the max capacity of 80GB. But thanks to Toshiba, soon we will be able to hold on the double size of 160GB of the currently available 80GB inside the 1.8-inch Hard drive.


This is the second World’s record breaking by Toshiba after their first attempt to break the limit of 2.5-inch hard drive (the 640GB HDD). The code name for this 1.8-inch HDD is MK1634GAL, a hard drive with all of the 160GB stuffed into single-platter, and allow the dimension of the hard drive to be slimmer at five-millimeter only. Strange though, this 4,200RPM hard drive is not SATA driven. Instead, it use the PATA interface which has an areal density of 723Mbit/mm2 or equal to 467 Gbps).

UPDATE: Pricing is unknown yet, but by judging from the current Toshiba 80GB 1.8-inch HDD ($98), it should be not crossing the $200.

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