AMD Radeon HD 5800 Eyefinity GPU to Power Six Ultra HD LCDs

Yes, you read it correct. A single ATI Radeon 5800 Series GPU is enough to power up to six ultra high-definition displays. And guess what, at a recent press conference AMD actually showcased this beauty.
The next gen AMD Radeon GPU is going to amaze most of us. Using only a single GPU/graphic card, you can get up to 6 HD LCDs to display your desktop view. This GPU is later nicked with ‘Eyefinity’ which is the latest AMD radeo HD 5800 graphic card model.


This could save lots of hassles in getting multiple display on single PC. The ATI Eyefinity GPU getting an eye-definition optical clarity because it’s 12 times better than 1080p. Amazing, an Ultra HD devices to give more enjoyable experiences, either for entertainment, work, or even education.


6 displays mixed together and you will get a whopping 7680 x 3200 pixels. That’s HUGE and the demonstration was using Dell monitors, looks very tempting for gamers and hardcore video editing freaks.

AMD Radeon HD 5800 video card will be released later on this month, so get your money ready if you want to own this freaking cool graphic card. Also remember to get 6 HD LCD monitors to test out the ability!

[via TechConnect]

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