Alien (or Predator) LED Jumper Cables

If you are the type that could accept jokes even at serious moment, this Alien LED jumper cables might be able to flourish your childhood imagination and giving a more cherish work environment.


This Alien (or Predator?) LED Jumper cable is not only looking funny, it’s also functional as you’ll got one bright LED light shining through its eyes by pinching the jaw-like handle and it will assist you to hook on the right cable.


Just tuck these patented Lighted Jumper Cables into your trunk or cargo bay, and you’ll always be ready to play good samaritan — or bail yourself out of a jam. Ingenious, high-intensity LEDs on each clamp automatically light up when you squeeze open the jaws — illuminating dark engine bays and poorly marked battery terminals.

— @HerringtonCatalog

If you want one for yourself, you can go buy this Aliens at Herrington Catalog for $34.95 only.

[via NerdApproved]

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