Cyclops Sunglasses: Ultra Big and Wide Eyewear

Check out this ultra big and wide sunglasses which has been marked as ‘Cyclops’ coz it looks pretty similar with what’s that X-men guy’s wearing on (though it looks a bit narrower). Nothing special though, it’s just a sunglasses, your eyes won’t shine in red when you remove it. And the glasses is made for bi-optical user that looks like an eye patch to help you sleep well.


Notice that there is no room for your nose, and it keep me wondering how can we wear such a thing. It looks like the nosepieces were installed there in the middle, but I doubt it could reach your nose and rest well there.

If you have any further question about this cool looking cyclops sunglasses, you can go ahead to ask Martin Margiela because that guy is the one who design this sunglasses (€390).

[via Geekologie, Gearfuse]

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