Mosquito Inspired Quad Bike – Turn You into the Blood Sucking Rider

Have a look at this mosquito inspired quad bike. Dubbed as M.S.Q.T.O, it’s a great concept to turn the shape of mosquito (especially the legs part) into a new biking concept where you should use your hand to control the forward movement.


Inspired from the Mosquito, the biker’s seating arrangement has been done in a dominative manner over the road, just like the fear of mosquitoes dominates, even though the size of the bike is competitively small. The color and the aggressive stands of the bike also resemble the shape of a mosquito and to maintain balance over the leg structure, the bike features heavy tires and powerful engine. M.S.Q.T.O is a complete physical and psychological experience extracting concept that is driven from the nature for a purposive reason.



[via Tuvie]

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