ZScanner 700 3D Scanner

A new 3D scanner has been created carrying the name of ZScanner 700. This 3D Scanner can help you scan any object with certain measurement required and the scanner can be event used in the tightest places.


ZScanner 700 3D Scanner shape like an Alien Head, looks similar with Minoru Webcam, but it has bigger ‘brain’ and more lenses for scanning your object.

One scan is completed in less than minutes count, and while scanning, the scanner will paints the object with laser crosshair combined with binocular cameras. With the help of the ZScanner software, the device will create a mesh of surface of our the scanned object in real-time.

Zscanner 700 3D Scanner will cost you about $39,900 a pop. For sure, this scanner is aiming for the enterprise market instead of individual consumer.

[source][via Gadgetvenue and Geeky Gadgets]

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