Dell Latitude Z-series to gets Wireless Charging Treatment


This is something wonderful for laptop user, it seems Dell is going to launch their Latitude Z-series with added functionality of “Wireless Charging”. You see, so far we’ve come to know about charging our cell phone wirelessly through a device named as ‘WildCharge’. But Charging Laptop wirelessly is kind of new and pretty a shocking news.


According to Forbes Magazine, Dell will put this Wireless Charging Technology into their Latitude Z premium notebook, which boost the 16-inch display, and the notebook will focus on high-end corporate market only. Perhaps this wireless charging technology is unaffordable for consumer level, so Dell say No-no to this market for now. Of course, Dell knows that the sales won’t be as high as their other Latitude series, but it seems Dell want to test the water before getting on the serious pace to develop this new charging technology.

[via SlipperyBrick, The Cool Gadgets]

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