Ninja Kunai USB Flash Drive – Naruto’s Favorite?


Naruto fans might want to get this as their USB flash drive because it looks so cool. This ninja Kunai USB Flash Drive has no sharp edge, so I’m sure it won’t hurt you just by touching on the kunai. Even so, GeekStuff4U, the company who import this Kunai USB flash drive still warn you with the following statement:


“Please note that this product is not a ‘real’ Kunai, and cannot be used as such, also we would like to remind you that this product may be dangerous due to its sharp edge and MUST be handle with care, cannot be responsible if you misused this product and hurt yourself or others with it.”

Well, who want to take the risk anyway? :)


This Ninja Kunai USB Flash Drive has only 2GB of storage capacity, so buying this stuff is actually not aiming for the storage. Instead, this Kunai is intended for fans who love collecting Ninja stuffs. If you are one of them, you can get it at GeekStuff4U for ¥ 11,500.00 or about $126.

[via Winarco]

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