NOVA LED – The Coolest 3D Lamp

I wonder if I’ve been too late to spotted on this NOVA LED, which I consider the coolest 3D lamp with the help of hundreds thousands of spherical shaped LED lights.


It’s a creation from the yesteryears, but I found it valuable and not adding them to our database is a waste! This NOVA LED was created by Switzerland Institute of Technology for a company named NOVA for their 150 years celebration in Zurich.


This LED 3D Lamp is 3.3 tons in weight, 5 meter square, 1 meter fat (thick), and it’s containing 300,000 sphere-shaped programmable LED lights which allow this cool 3D lamp to display up to 16 millions kinds of color patterns and combinations. I can’t describe it well but the video will tell you all! :)

Update: The above images are a courtesy of Nova. Please go to the official site for the full images gallery.

[via iXiQi(Chinese) ]

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  • has this been made commercial? where to buy?

    • I don’t think so. Perhaps it is just a special lamp made for NOVA for their 150th celebration.

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