Super Talent Releases Super Fast RAIDDrive SSD


Super Talent is rolling out another Super product from their sleeve. This time, it’s a Super Fast RAIDDrive SSD which capable of transfering data at GB level. Using the PCIe Generation 2.- x8 interface, you can boost its read speeds up to 1.4GB/sec and write speeds of 1.2GB/sec. This is really huge difference between the conventional SSD. According to our source, Super Talent RAIDDrive SSD will be available in three models with all of them configurable in RAID 0 or RAID 5. Detail as follow:

  • ES model for Enterprise Users
  • WS model for Workstation Users
  • GS model for Gamers

Price estimation for Super talent Super Fast RAIDDrive SSD is US$4,999,- and it will be available on this October 2009.

[via Super Talent]

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