Lego Baseplate T-Shirt – Creativity on your shirt?!


What the… Do someone really want to wear this t-shirt or it’s just created for styling among the geeky lego-er? But I guess it’s pretty cool if you can build something using just one layer of bricks so it won’t become a burden for the shirt and you can actually where it to show people your creativity. Well, you know what, Lego has finally invaded the fashion boutique market silently…


The Lego Baseplate T-shirt, which is only $18 or a cup of Star bucks coffee, will allow you to add your lego bricks or you can actually build your LEGO kingdom on your shirt using the 20 x 14 lego brick foundation.

Lego Baseplate Shirt:

  • Innovative t-shirt features a built in plastic baseplate to build on with your construction bricks of choice
  • Create flat designs, or go crazy with 3D constructions and mechanical contraptions
  • Compatible with LEGO™, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, and K’NEX Bricks™
  • You need to supply your own bricks or blocks, none come with the shirt
  • Front baseplate removes for easy washing

Well, if you think you are geeky enough and Lego-maniac, you can go get this Lego Baseplate T-shirt at ThinkGeek.

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