BudsGoBlue: The Ultimate iPhone 3GS Voice Control Bluetooth Headphones


iPhone 3GS will get the ultimate companion next month because the so called ultimate bluetooth headphones will be released then.

The Name is BudsGoBlue, the bluetooth headphone will be able to give you the voice control option controlling your iPhone 3GS without your finger touch. This BudsGoBlue also has a good ear loops with ‘Memory shaping’ feature that could fit into any type of ear flexibly. We’ll be able to see how it perform in the next month.

Video detail on the following:

It seems there is no further new until today. It’s been 6 months but the official site of BudsGoBlue remain on the “Coming Soon” stage. I wonder if this product is just a prank or it is actually having some difficulty in producing the product. We’ll update with more news when it has become available but there is no guarantee for it right now.

[via MobilitySite]

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