SGI Octane III Personal SuperComputer Releases

If you have ever want to have your own supercomputer to fulfill your thirst of technology, soon you can make the dream come true. SGI has launched the ultimate personal supercomputer named Octane III which can handle up to 8-CPU cores, 1TB or RAM, and up to 10 SATA II hard drive! Amazing, that’s kind of your own home ultimate server anyway!


SGI’s Octane III offers a solution for workstation users wanting to reach dramatically higher levels of performance with minimal investment. With the support of up to 19 Intel® Xeon® processors, HPC users looking to enhance their workgroup productivity outside the data center can also utilize the benefits of the Octane III for faster discovery and quicker simulations,” said Richard Dracott, General Manager of High Performance Computing at Intel. “With certification from the Intel® Cluster Ready program, Octane III will provide a powerful, easy-to-deploy personal supercomputer.”

This SGI Octane III Personal SuperComputer will cost you a whopping $7995 for the basic specification. Well, I can’t even imagine what is the price you should pay for the full specification…

Product Page via Technabob, TFTS

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  • Yamamoto

    Well an interesting server but you’ll gone be having a hard time to use it as a server fro an office. But i think wire less might be more available to be use if you are going to station it for an office areas.

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