Kingston DataTraveler 410 USB Flash Drive Gets Speed Upgrade instead of Larger Capacity


Instead of going wild with storage capacity, Kingston has made their latest DataTraveler 410 USB flash drive to be a faster in both reading and writing speed at 20MB/sec. I guess Kingston has gone wild enough because they’ve already had the largest 256GB DataTraveler 300 Flash drive. So another improvement in this aspect is not necessary right now.

This latest DataTraveler 410 will carry a cool SecureTraveler software to allow user locking their flash drive with password and encrypted their content. Kingston DataTraveler 410 USB Flash drive will be available in four basic capacities: 4GB, 8GB. 16Gb and 32GB. Excluding the fact that they have been getting on the 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, they are not included in this version. The price range will be around $26 to $134 depend on the capacity.

[via CDRLabs]

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  • ds r4

    Kingston data travel itís a cool device and some of the model has huge storage capacities. Iíve purchased a Kingston device and itís such a cool device among all the Flash Devices.. So far..
    Thanks for provide information about Kingston Flash drive..

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